053 - VirtualArt - 02:11

053 - VirtualArt -

This audiovisual pieze denounces women mistreatments, both phisical and psicological

For more info: www.virtualart.es

053 es una de tantas mujeres maltratadas física y

Kubatek - The Connected Flights 02:00

Kubatek - The Connected Flights

First price- "Best Fashion Movie" on Warsaw Fashion Film Festival 2014.

Bronze KTR 2014 ( Polish Advertising Festival )- Muisc category.
Silver KTR 201

SaBo-FX - Seduction (HD 1080p) 04:30

SaBo-FX - Seduction (HD 1080p)

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Song title: Seduction
Music: SaBo-FX original
Video (edit): SaBo-F


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